Sally Barker

My work is usually site responsive, developing ideas about people and place through materials, which are scavenged and reworked. Working with model scale, the interventions acquire a humorous, unsettling or subversive quality. At the centre of my work is an enquiry into the way we live and operate, the way we make our mark and leave traces – referencing and using architecture, building and the construction process.

Many of these sculptural constructions take the form of complex, model-scale scaffolding, highlighting space and object, describing and negotiating space. The addition of hundreds of tiny, painted figures, disorientates the scale and confuse any narrative thread.

Responding to an intriguing series of holes in the wall of the space, constructing into and out of them,re-constructing the empty,as part of this exhibitions discussion on emptiness, presence, identity and transformation. I am interested in the perception and manifestation of success and failure: the iconic, enduring or powerful in contrast to the failed, ruined and abandoned, with the areas of change in-between.

Alice Bradshaw

I work with a wide range of media and processes involving the manipulation of everyday objects and materials. Mass-produced, anonymous objects are often rendered dysfunctional caricatures of themselves, addressing concepts of purpose and futility. I create or accentuate subtleties, blurring distinctions between the absurd and the mundane, with the notion that the environment the work exists in becomes integral to the work itself.

Alice also curates collaboratively and is founding director of the Museum of Contemporary Rubbish and University of Incidental Knowledge, co-founding director of Fundada Artists’ Film Festival and Contents May Vary and co-curator for Westgate Studios and Holmfirth Arts Festival.

Julia Breit

I’m a self taught multi media artist, focusing on installation and photography, and photographs of installations. I create a transitional, dreamlike reality made from paint, paper, cardboard, miniatures and found objects, which is then captured in a photograph. Figures appear in those images, digitally inserted into the sceneries. As they are the only inhomogeneous objects in the working process, the human figures are questioning the “cardboard reality”, they are out of place, trying to fit in. What is reality, what perception, dream, or imagination? Having migrated from Germany to England questions of belonging, home, displacement and perceptions of reality are reoccurring subjects of my work. The installation I will show during the exhibition “this is not an empty space” at Melbourne Mill will also play with different layers of reality and is deeply inspired by my new Yorkshire home.

Jenni Danson

I am particularly fascinated by empty spaces and the fact that they  are not truly empty.  As well as the phenomena  that are beyond our visual and auditory range  I believe that such spaces contain  resonances of previous occupants and their occupations.

I  produce sculptural installations in response to these  empty and ignored spaces. My  work is determined  not only by the space itself but also by the activities that have taken place in the space in the past.  My work uses textile techniques  and in this way there is a dichotomy  between  the feminine technique and the essential masculinity of the sculptural piece.

Vincent James

Using objects appropriated from cartoons as a starting point, Vincent James makes artwork across a range of media including painting, sculpture and animation.  In this work props dislocated from different cartoon worlds collide, creating surreal and whimsical interactions.

Since completing an MA at Goldsmiths in 1999 Vincent James has shown both nationally and internationally including exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles and Sao Paulo. Recent shows include a solo exhibition at Saltburn Artist’s Projects, a public artwork commissioned for Heywood Sports Village, Lancashire and inclusion in A Century Later a group show at Touchstones Rochdale.

Kelly Loughlin

Kelly Loughlin. I’m a writer and historian with a strong interest in visual culture and the poetics of space. Former industrial spaces, like the ground floor of Melbourne Works, stand empty, unused, awaiting development. In its current state the space may be unused but it’s still highly productive – it generates a range of responses, evokes memories and complex feelings. I see this space as marked by processes of accumulation and erasure, of change and the passage of time: personal time, industrial time, historical time. Our experience of such spaces is often shaped by a vision of the past as commodity; sanitised, packaged and labelled – history as gift shop. In approaching the space as a site for creative responses, we experience the past as fugitive, equivocal and personal.

Sam McLoughlin

Sam Mcloughlin is a Musician and Artist from Rochdale. His varied output includes performance, installation, video and sound and often involves a strong DIY approach. Recent works have involved manipulation and adaption of old audio/visual equipment (TVs, microphones, speakers etc.) to create new contraptions that present opportunities and applications particular to themselves. A piece using a prepared phonograph has been developed specifically for this show.

Sam regularly performs live and releases music under various guises on Finders Keepers Records and other affiliated labels. A new LP is due out soon on Pre-Cert Home Entertainment as well as a cassette with Devon Folklore Tapes.

Jon Mitton

Jon Mitton is a visual & performing artist musician & inventor. He was the recipient of the Royal College of Art’s Walter Clarke Award in both 1991 & 1992 and gained a distinction for his MA in Art Holography from the RCA in 1992.

His exhibitions include Seduced: Art and Sex from Antiquity to Now, Barbican Art Gallery, London; Art Miami, Florida; UK Holographers, Tempozan Gendaikan, Osaka, Japan; the Fourth International Exhibition Of Holography, Chicago; Holographia 2000, Maison Internationale De L’Holographie & The Pompidou Foyer, Paris, and The Unicorn Press, London.

He has work in the collections of the Jonathon Ross Collection London, and the entire first edition of ‘Macrompians’ in The Cork county council art collection.

“Perhaps this is the most consistent trend in Jon’s work – a mastery of technique and its subjugation to his will. That, and the strength of ideas behind the work.  It is often all too easy in a technical medium for the work to be just about the technique, but in Jon’s work the concept is predominant. Ideas matter to him.” – Jonathan Ross

“Jon Mitton’s explorations with 3D represent, in part of another episode in the struggle to think through the complexities of seeing and how they merge with the experience of being. It is an investigation which has often enlisted our relationship with the technologies we bring into the world, to explore those wet, visceral, at critical moments inscrutable machines through which we experience it.” – Luke Clancy, art critic and commentator.

Pitikasem Nilavongse

Pitikasem Nilovongse studied at Manchester School of Art. Following his MA show in 2011 he was selected to show at the FAFA gallery in Helsinki. Pitikasem has also shown locally in West Yorkshire, and at The Hive in Manchester. His current work explores the dynamic of found objects and specific sites. Through manipulating perspective and scale he seeks to generate a new dialogue between viewer and site.

David Pugh

David Pugh was born in Oldham in 1968. Along with Toby Morgan he established the art group Critical Decor. Throughout the 1990’s Critical Decor exhibited widely in the UK and around the world. ‘This Is Not An Empty Space’ is David’s first exhibition for a while. He returned to making art in 2011 after a break of 9 years. His work is now focused on painting although within this show he will be exhibiting a sculpture. David lives and works in Todmorden.

Nitis Wanichaboon

The main subject matter of my work is the effect of people in space, the curiosity and speculation of the space. By addressing the viewer’s relationship with unperceived aspects of space to make people more conscious about surrounding, I confront the viewers to experience new space. I offer some kind of curiosity through my work and its may be satisfy curiosity and disappoint curiosity in the same way. As we understand that the nature of the space consists of various components and intersection. Its form, its matter or its processes; what define space? Perhaps it’s not thing but just their relationship in that certain act of relation with certain space.

Completed BA at KMITl in Bangkok 2006, MA at UCA, Canterbury in 2010. Since 2005 he has shown in Bangkok, Italy, Spain and England. Recent shows are Coastal Currents, Hasting Art Festival and a solo exhibition at 59 step studio practice project at Hebden bridge.


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